The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors (Paperback)

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by Francis Cress Welsing


In 1992, Welsing published The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors, a compilation of essays that she had written over 18 years.

In this book, she talks about the genocide of people with melanin globally, along with issues Black people specifically face in the United States. According to Welsing, the genocide of people with melanin is caused by white people's inability to produce melanin. The minority status of whites has caused what she calls a preoccupation with white genetic survival.

She believed that injustice caused by racism will end when "non-white people worldwide recognize, analyze, understand and discuss openly the genocidal dynamic. She also tackled issues such as drug use, murder, teen pregnancy, infant mortality, incarceration, and unemployment, in the Black community. According to Welsing, the cause of these issues is white supremacy (the white man's race to the top). Black men are at the center of Welsing's discussion because, according to her, they "have the greatest potential to cause white genetic annihilation."

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About the Author

Frances Cress Welsing, a psychiatrist best known for writing The Isis Papers, was born Frances Luella Cress in Chicago, Illinois, on March 18, 1935. Welsing, who was the child of physician Henry Cress and teacher Ida Mae Griffen, grew up the middle of three daughters. She received her Bachelor’s of Science from Antioch College in Ohio in 1957 and her medical degree (M.D.) from Washington, D.C.’s Howard University in 1962.


After earning her M.D., Welsing stayed in Washington, D.C., pursuing a career in child and general psychiatry. Welsing spent nearly twenty-five years working as a staff physician for D.C.’s Department of Human Services, and also as the clinical director of two schools catering to children with emotional troubles. Welsing opened her own private practice in D.C. in 1967. Through her published works and her research, Welsing sought to help bring about a solution to the mental health problems of the Black community by understanding racism.


Welsing published her first major work, “The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation” as an essay in 1974 while assistant professor at Howard University. In the controversial essay, Welsing argued that the drive for white supremacy and superiority stems from a pervasive feeling of inadequacy and inferiority. Welsing claimed that “whiteness” was, in fact, a deficiency, evidenced by the inability of whites and other races to produce melanin which generates skin color. In short, white people in America could not cohabit peacefully with their Black peers, according to Welsing, because of a deep-seated jealousy of people with melanin and their embrace of racial supremacy to accommodate these feelings. The essay was controversial and, according to Welsing, prevented her from not only gaining tenure at Howard but in fact losing her teaching post.


In 1991 Welsing published her most famous work, a collection of essays titled The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors, which discussed in depth the issues of white supremacy and racism in the United States. In The Isis Papers, Welsing delved deeper into her theories of melanin deficiency among whites as the driver of racism, white supremacy, and white segregation.  In the process of psychoanalyzing white racism, Welsing also discussed the importance of recognizing racial behaviors and symbols among Blacks that were psychologically damaging and which needed to be countered and destroyed.


Frances Cress Welsing died in Washington, D.C., on January 2, 2016, after being hospitalized for a stroke. She was eighty years old.

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